Help Wanted – Android Developer

[Update Sept 17, 2017 – We’ve just released the first production Android version.]

Are you an Android developer looking to make a difference in opposing the Trump agenda? What better way to scratch both your activist and developer itches than to join with me to work on the Indivisible app. The Apple iDevice version is already released and serves as a working blueprint for the Android version. The iOS version is written in Swift. The 1.0 version of the app makes use of the following:

Here’s a video tour of the iOS version.

Job description:

  • Initially, implement existing Swift-based iOS app functionality in Java and Android
  • Design and implement tests for Android version
  • Collaborate on ongoing and future work to better connect organizers and activists

Job requirements:

  • Basic familiarity and capabilities with Android development and Java
  • Ability to work > 12 hrs per week

The Indivisible app was created as an independent, volunteer effort. If you’re an Android developer, you almost certainly have a job; but, I’m looking for someone who can devote a reasonable amount of time and commitment to the effort. The project does not require deep Android/Java expertise, but since I don’t have Android programming expertise myself, it does require some basics. If you are a student, this is an opportunity to participate in a project that showcases your technical abilities and drive, together with your commitment to your community.

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